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The Wind Under Water

The Wind Under Water is a study in complex generative chord structures. Combining small moving chord patterns into more and more complex variations.

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LIGHT: A Generative Album

LIGHT is a continuous generative album project - a website that combines two random songs from the Light album series into a never-ending, never-repeating, continuous ambient experience.

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If you run an online ambient radio station, streaming service, or are a tv/film content creator, ask me about receiving free promotional copies of my works to add to your project or playlist.

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Sound for your space

Ethereal, evolving, generative, ambient background sound for your art installation, gallery, restaurant, storefront, or other contained spaces.

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About Christopher Sisk

I'm an American ambient/electronic artist. My music combines elements of everyday life with layered, spacial textures into a personal blend of sound and sound collage. I often experiment with generative systems and a variety of other mathematical and random techniques when composing.