Projects by Christopher Sisk


LIGHT: A Generative Album

An ongoing experiment in longform generative ambient music. This online album consists of (and growing) individual songs, released through my LIGHT series of albums, that are randomly blended together by two separate audio players to create a continuous, never ending, never repeating ambient experience.

A one-click soundtrack - perfect for reading, meditating, yoga practice, studying or just enjoying some quality, relaxing me-time.

Neroli Extended

Considered by many to be one of Brian Eno's most provocative and minimalistic compositions, Neroli consists of 58 minutes of notes from a single heavily equalized e-piano sound playing on a variation of the Phrygian mode.

With this project, I've chopped up the 58 minute song into 26 smaller pieces of varying lengths that play on a continuous, random loop - creating a beautiful, never-ending ambient atmosphere.