Araminta and The Paths by Christopher Sisk

Araminta and The Paths

A longform ambient piece partly inspired by the character Araminta and her journey on the Silfen paths in Peter F. Hamilton's Void Trilogy books. "Onward her feet fell, pressing down on damp grass as the melody permeated her whole existence. She swayed in time to the gentle undulations she had set free, finally happy that the end of the path was moving with her, carrying her onward to the place she so urgently sought." - (from The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton)

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Label: Christopher Sisk Music

Catalog #: CSM-CS006

Release Date: 2013-09-07

Runtime: 1 hr. 9 mins.

What people are saying

Christopher continues to produce some very pleasant and emotionally moving drones. This one is no exception.

Bandcamp Reviewer, Brian Bourassa

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