The Water In The Wind by Christopher Sisk

The Water In The Wind

A 1-hour, longform continuation in my experiments with complex generative chord structures. This album continues the idea, started on The Wind Under Water, of small moving notes and partial-chord patterns being looped, rearranged, and combined into more complex variations, and expands it into a deeper and more atmospheric experience.

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Label: Christopher Sisk Music

Catalog #: CSM-CS013

Release Date: 2014-11-20

Runtime: 54 mins.

What people are saying

Simply put... gentle bliss...

Bandcamp Reviewer, Brian Bourassa

Great music, to me it's like reaching a beach after traveling hours and the crispness of the breeze whips around my ears, can even smell candy floss. In harmony with my breath and my heart, and a knowledge that everything is gonna be OK

Bandcamp Reviewer, Joe Big Mac

In a sublte way, I am reminded here of Oophoi's (Gianluigi Gasparetti) Aquos - The Complete Drones in a wonderful way... (Yes, this is a BIG complement to Christopher). Well done!

Bandcamp Reviewer, David Joseph

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